We bring together community partners in an effort to limit duplication and overlapping of services, then coordinate more efficient and effective service delivery, and ultimately, better results for families in Houston County, Georgia.

What is the organization

An arrangement under which all of the agencies, churches, institutions, businesses and organizations in Houston County whose actions or inactions can affect the well-being of children and families agree and commit themselves to a vision of community health and well-being for all citizens.


  • Prioritize critical social problem areas for the community, which need to be addressed in a coordinated manner to achieve maximum improvement.
  • Establish goals for each problem area.
  • Establish incremental measurable objectives and service strategies to meet the objectives and be responsible, individually and collectively, for their success or failure.
  • Recruit lead agencies for the individual or clustered service strategies that will be responsible for implementing and providing the direct service components.
  • Coordinate and integrate planning and implementation of action plans and sharing of information (networking) with each other.
  • Identify and evaluate duplication of programs and services.
  • Partner and coordinate for funding opportunities to allow for joint planning and application submission.
  • Be proactive in seeking out diversity among the collaborative membership.